War of the Chosen

Recent Events (Pre enlightenment)

Psionic Rat almost wipes party
– real gut buster that one

Half nakied cannible tries to grapple and impale the party, but dies ignobly
-damn rapist

The village was burned, most villagers were slain
-how terrible

Dara’s cousin was seen caught by a bugbear in a state of undress
-how unladylike

Luca and his mother wiped out the goblin village
– that was nice of them

Luca and Isis lost thier mother
– sad face

Dara and her cousin are reunited
– how sweet

Luca gives his brother the bad news
– he took that well

Group leaves the village, offers to guide everyone
– wizard says he’s got this

Wolf and werewolf get it on in the forest
– you sure this is a no charge site?

Marabel climbs a tree and drops down on the wolf
– good time turns bloody

Luca’s waifu is found dying outside a castle, gives party mission to save her sister
– sure we just met but lets help

Castle of depraved werewolves has slaves in dungeon
– we freed them

Demon leading the werewolves was slain
-hand crossbow ftw

Slave girl was a paly
-finally a healer

Found a strange blue goblin
– lets have him tag along

Field of dead bodies, le gasp
-something a foul must be a foot

A party of murders led by women
– yup there it is


Malkav_The_Sin Malkav_The_Sin

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